Kenai is male bear ,he is husband of Nita and best fruend of Elena


Kenai has a light brown fur on almost the whole body with lighter fur on its face and darker on four legs and the way of darker wrinkles reminisces of those that have on their paws some children of Kion and Jasiri



"I repeat to others that need to live somehow, some people can, but not us"

Kenai in The Lion Guard: Endgame and in second half of second season

"We lost, all of us., we lost our friends, families certain part of ourselves."

Kenai in The Lion Guard : Endgame and in second half of second season of The Lion Guard : New Begininng

"Elena: We can make it work for Kenai.

Kenai : it has to work, because if it doesn't, I don't know what I'm gonna do."



  • The scene where Kenai tells Rutt and Tuke "I'm not a beaver, I'm a bea–I mean, I'm not a bear, I'm a man!" after they call him a beaver after seeing him being turned into a bear by Sitka's ghost could be a reference to a scene in The Sword in the Stone where Arthur (Wart) and Merlin are turned into squirrels by Merlin's magic, and Merlin tells the Old Lady Squirrel, "I'm not a boy, I'm a squir-I mean, I'm not a squirrel, I'm a boy!" after she falls in love with his squirrel form.
  • Joaquin Phoenix did not reprise his role as Kenai for the sequel due to scheduling conflicts. Patrick Dempsey replaced him. Both Phoenix and Dempsey share Kenai as their only voice acting role to date.
  • Kenai's age is never stated in the films, though he is most likely aged 16, as 12-16 is considered the age of manhood in First Nation tribes (However Inuits celebrate coming of age at age 11-12).
  • Since Kenai chose to remain a bear permanently at the end of the first film, the only time we ever get to see his human form again in the sequel was him as a little boy in a flashback near the start of the film, when he meets Nita for the very first time.
  • There was originally going to be an alternate ending of Brother Bear 2 where Kenai decides to return to his human form, but was replaced with Nita becoming a bear instead.
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