Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is a adult female tyrannosaur living on Pridelands, as well as a leader of a Group tyrannosaurus pack and one of the largest dinosaurs on Pridelands.



Isabella is cheerful, fearless, quick-thinking, sweet, optimistic, caring, very helpful, and easy to get along with friends. Isabella also feels somewhat protective of her pride as if someone smaller insults or manages to hit him, she sets her sights on that target and will try to kill them.

Izabela, as befits an adult tyrannosaur, is also sometimes extremely aggressive


The Lion Guard: New Beginning 

Legends of the Lion Guard: The Dark Prophecy

After gathering up all the other members of the army. Kion decides to get more help so he and Mhina went to the lion guard: new beginning universe where they seek help from Mohatu, Isabella, other dinosaurs and Mohatu's friends.  

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Izabela is afraid that among the tyrannosaur family there may be one who will be better than her even if she is smaller than her


no one knows , what future awaits us. Our journey has not ended yet, but we hope that despite everything,will survive though the memory of us

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