1. REDIRECT Template:Character info nr 2Chat - Female tomboy caracal and mate of Fedha. She's a member of Takka's pack.


Chat is a female caracal with a cinnamon fur, biscotti belly, paws and month. She has a black patterns on her mouth, above eyebrow and she has black long ears with the "fluff" on the end. She has a blue eyes and black nose.


Chat is a tomboy. Despite the other caracals she likes females and birds like african grey parrots. She's in love with Fedha and she likes to flirt with her. She's so brave and strong. When someone insults her she ignores that but when someone insults or tries to hurt her mate, she's very ruthless.



  • Formerly her name was "Noir" which means darkness.


Chat x Fedha

Chat flirting with Fedha sitting on her tail

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